“I haven’t seen my sons for three years”

I am a refugee from Syria. I am Aziza Tlas, I was born in 1970, I came from the city of Raqqa. I came to Europe for my children. I have two sons, who are living in Malta. They paid all the money for my journey from Syria to Europe.
We have suffered a lot from Syria to Turkey because of the smugglers. It was difficult for us, especially in the sea. From the beginning until now we have the same problems. In Syria, in Turkey, here in Greece. It’s very difficult for us.
The smugglers tried many times to pass the sea from Turkey to Greece. The police caught us three times. When they caught us, we slept in a tent and after that in a caravan.
Now I am very sick and I am waiting for the documents. I thank god that we are still alive. Now we are living in Athens. We took the IDs and we are waiting for the passports, but it is very difficult. I need the passport to go to Malta and see my sons before I die. In Greece we have nothing, we can’t stay here. No job and the money (just 150 euro), it is nothing for one month. No passport… I haven’t seen my sons for three years. God willing I will see my sons, my children.

Storyteller’s name: Aziza Tlas
Interviewer’s name: Anxhela Dani
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: F
Age: 47

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