Nour fled to Denmark in 2014

Nour-Aldeen Alayoubi, 60 year old man, Jerusalem, Palestina.

Abstract: I came to kbh sept 14/2014 by plane. I was with my daughter and brother, and go to police. – Lets begin new life. We went from Syria, to turkey, to Greece, and bougt plane ticket illegally.  

I like kbh, I don’t like århus the same. The life, the feeling of being together, I like the feeling of living where there are many people. Here 3 4 o clock, its dead. I came to safety, happiness. In 1976, I met 2 danish Eric and Magbert Jensen friends in Syria, and they told me good things about Denmark . I always wanted to come here. They came to study, and to see the big temple or castle Damas in Syria. We became friends. Theyre the reason we came to Denmark. The war destroyed our life there.

Im very happy to be here in Denmark. Special for safety. Ive learned Danish in school, and im grateful for being here. I go to psychologist because of chok and staying in prison in Syria. I saw soldiers in the prison rape a woman. Every day I witnessed young soldiers kill people in prison. I am able to breathe here. Be safe. Theres a big difference from being there and being safe here. I am grateful. I cant go back to Syria. I would be killed or go to prison. So I stay here.

The psychologist helps me much. I have trouble sleeping, for the last 2-3 years. It gets a little better with the help.

I go to praktik too, work at Tasty here in Aarhus. Good food, and good colleagues. Many people come here to eat and I like being there.




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