What you see is not always the truth

Most people have a false impression of the situation in my country. They think that when other countries interfere, something improves, but it only makes it worse.
I fled for political reasons. No one can stand the violence and the unfair treatment and no one can oppose it. The political situation in Syria has always been critical, but it was only after the revolution that the way of punishment became worse. There was either eternal imprisonment or death penalty. Continue reading “What you see is not always the truth”

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Foreign homeland

My name is Midyan, I am 32 years old and come from Iran. Originally I am a Kurd from the West of Iran. In Iran I studied graphic design, I would have liked to do my master but I had to flee. I had to leave my home country for political reasons. I love my homeland, I think all people do that. Continue reading “Foreign homeland”

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“My beloved people”

My name is Seif. I was not happy when I left my country, my beloved people, parents, family, friends and all of my lovely memories. And I’m sure no one does. I came to Sweden 3 years ago looking for a better life, where no place for war and destruction. Where no other country destroys your house, and kill your dreams.

Continue reading ““My beloved people””

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