What I saw in Syria made me age by 100 years

I’m from Afrin. Afrin is a very beautiful city. Many people with different religions live there. Everyone lived together, but the war destroyed everything. Since the war, people have been fighting over religion. Before the war, everyone stayed together.

In 2012, I fled. The war was the reason I fled. We didn’t know of any bloodshed before. We had to flee, either we pay money or we get killed. There was no work, there was nothing to eat. We had to flee. What I saw in Syria made me age by 100 years. Either you kill or you will be killed.

I am in a language course and would like to train as a car mechanic. My dreams are like everyone’s dreams: I want to work and build my future. Unlike Syria today, Germany is a paradise.

Storyteller’s name: Daod
Interviewer’s name: Sarah El Desoke
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: m
Age: 31

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: refugees, asylum, germany, syria, a million stories