“I saw several of my friends die”

My Life in Syrie was very special. I lived in Damascus, the capital of Syria. I lived a good and nice life with my family. I lived with my mother, dad and four brothers. I worked there as a film director. With movies, television and drama series. I had a very good job and I loved my job. I studied and got ready with my university. I used to help my dad, he had several restaurants there. I like to cook and helped him with that. It’s not easy to leave their country. It’s not easy when you’ve created your life. After a second you have to leave the country.

You must leave your apartment, you must leave your bed. It was very difficult for me to leave my country. I had no choice. I saw several of my friends die. My family started to be afraid for me They said you have to leave Syria otherwise you will follow your friends. I have to leave everything behind me and start a new life. My trip was very difficult and terrible, just like all flight trips. But I remember when we were in Greece and wanted to continue into Macedonia.

We were heading into the woods. It was dark and very cold. We were 8 men, but we had to take that road and be very afraid. We also heard animals and had no food and water. We could not ask for help, because we were afraid that the police or someone would hear us in the woods.

I decided to film my trip and make a documentary. But what happened to me was a big problem. The police saw that I had a camera and I filmed there. I did not have permission and it was illegal. They hid me and took me to the police station. They asked several questions. Why did I do this? I was very scared. I was a refugee and I know how big it is to shoot without permission if you work in the media.

I hope you god help me and make them be nice. Then they released me but the police removed all the material from the camera.

Sweden, best country. I like Sweden very much. I live in Stockholm. I usually travel between Malmö and Stockholm. Because I work with my movie in both cities. I have many friends. The Swedish people are the most amazing people in the world I met. I’m studying Swedish and getting ready with SFI. I will continue with reason for Swedish. I work here and I enjoy Sweden. I have begun feeling Sweden is my home.

I miss my country, I miss Damascus, Syria, my friends as several of them are dead right now. I miss my mother a lot. My mom is my best friend.


A Million Stories Sweden: Nizar Keblawi, Nina Olsson, Sara Sarabi, Malin Gillberg, Daniel Björklund, Mats Nordström.

A Million Stories Sweden volunteers: Fariborz Ghadir, Mohamad Mohsin, Yazan Saad, Tarek Aloudallah, Dalia Saleem, Yara Ali, Ahmad Younes, Chaimae Hamri.

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