I like to cook food, especially sweet things

Zubaida abdo is 40 years old, from Mosul, Iraq
I came to Denmark in 2015. I go to school twice a week but I am ill from a head injury I got in Iraq. I got married when I was 15 years old. Our family fled together to Turkey when ISIS came and took control of our town. We stayed there for a year. Then we sailed with inflatable boats from Izmir in Turkey to Lesbos in Greece, and we reached Denmark in 2015. We were placed at asylum center Sandholm, and then at the asylum camp in Helsingør. After that, we were placed at Bornholm.
I like to cook food, especially sweet things. The boss in Red Cross Bornholm always asked me to make food and dessert when there was an event. After 1 year and five months in the camp, we got rejected couldn’t stay here. But, our case went to court, and we were granted resident permit.
I get treatments for my psycological problems, because when we were in Mosul, I saw ISIS commit many crimes, so I see a psychologist here in Denmark. In the municipality we have a Sunday café, and I usually make food for that, but my illness is worse now, so I cant make it right now. My family is very big and I have to cook for them, and it makes me very tired.
I felt very tired on the way from Greece to Germany, because we walked most of the way. I felt like I wanted to die because it was so hard. It was a miserable situation.

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