I promised myself that I didn’t want to take any welfare money

Amed Alah is 34 years old and from Daraa, Syria

I came to Denmark in 2015. I work at a restaurant, Pipers Hus and café Satchmo, in Roskilde.

I was born in Kuwait, but I’ve lived all my life in Daraa, Syria. I finished my education in a Syrian school. I was very clever at school, but I couldn’t continue, because I got married, when I was 20 years old. In Syria I worked at a kindergarten nursery, taking care of the kids. When I had my first child, I stopped working.

After that the war started, and because we were afraid of the bombs and explosions, we fled to Jordan. My husband was very ill. I couldn’t get a job. The situation was very bad in Jordan. My husband’s illness affected him much psychologically. He had a neurologically disease. My husband has tried to complete his internship, do his duty and learn Danish, but because of his illness, he cant do anything. We used to get help from a nice lady, a volunteer from Denmark, who helped our family a lot, but she died. Now the municipality helps us.

Since I came here, I promised myself that I didn’t want to take any welfare money. I wanted to take care of my own family. My boss at the restaurant is very proud of me, and tell me I do very well. I stopped going to language school after 3 months, because I got a job. At my job, they help me to learn Danish. That has given me a lot of self-confidence. My boss calls med ‘skat’ (in English ‘treasure’).

All Syrian people like to work and take pride in working. We as Syrians in Denmark represent all Syrian people in Europe. I want all people, who are able to work, please don’t receive welfare. I would like for the sick and weak to be able to rest and take care of themselves. We who are strong and able, can work.

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