Gasan is not happy in Denmark

Gasan Salem is from Damascus, Syria.

My life in Damascus was excellent. I had job, and my life was very, very, very good. It’s no problem.

I escaped because I was afraid for myself and my kids. In 2014 I escaped from Damascus. I reached Denmark in May 2014. In Damascus I heard that in Denmark I would find good life, and everything I wanted. But when I reached Denmark, this is not the truth. I don’t find anything here. I find very bad. Three years now I have been in Denmark, but I don’t find anything good. There is no sympathy or human rights with the refugees. Especially in the municipality, they treat me very bad. They don’t sympathize with me, that I have a separated family. They don’t treat me in good way. I feel bad psychologically because of my background.

For one year and three months I only have internship. Please find for us job. There are no jobs, just internships and control with us. If I don’t follow their instructions, they will not give me money to support my kids.

I asked immigration to delete my fingerprints so I could travel to another country, but nobody wants to listen to me. I don’t feel that I can take my child here.

I don’t feel happiness to live here in Denmark, but my life changed.

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