Aheds new beginning in Denmark

Ahed Alkurdi is a  10 year old boy from Damascus, Syria

I come from Damascus, Syria. I came to Denmark februrary 16th 2015, when I was 7 years old. From Syria, I remember a time where there was no war. But then the war started and my dad was so afraid that something might happen to us. My mother was almost hit by bombs two times.

I was six years old when my dad fled to Denmark. After nine months we came to Denmark with my mother and sister too. The first thing I remember about Denmark is that it was a little cold here. The first months we didn’t go to school because we had to get used to staying here. It’s a whole new country, we had to figure out where things are. Then, I started at language school. The first weeks we had to be able to learn five new words and five new sentences. We also had to be able to write them. So, I learned Danish fast, in seven months. When we had a meeting at school, it was decided that I could go to ordinary school, and I started that one day after my sister.

A fun story from when we just arrived here: My dad asked my sister to make tea for him. He drinks his tea with five teaspoons of sugar. But, instead of sugar, my sister accidentialy put another spice in his tea instead of sugar, salt mixed with lemon, and it tasted really bad. We all laughed about that.

In the beginning here it felt strange to be here, but we got used to it. When I started at school, no one teased us, but were very nice to us, even though we didn’t speak Danish as well as I do now. Now, I have so many friends. My teacher can be tough but she helps me.

In 3rd grade in January 2017 my mother called the police and said that my dad had hit her, but he didn’t. After two days she went to Germany, and now I only see her when she visits Denmark. I am very happy living with my dad.

Even though all I had that was fun and good is now gone, and even though I feel sad some times, I have to remember that life goes on, and I cant do anything about it. I have to move on. I dream of inventing things when I grow up. I would like to invent robots that can help people somehow.

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