I’ve become more patient

I come from Albania. It’s a small country, but it’s my country. What am I supposed to tell? Shkodra is a small town, but important in the perception of all Albanians. Shkodra is known for culture, music. Shkodra has the Drin, a beautiful river, and a beautiful lake. Shkodra is known for its historic castle, the Rozafa. Velipoja, our seashore, is also very close by.My father has always worked for the police, my mother doesn’t work at the moment. I have a sister, who is seven years younger. Life was good. I went to my school there. I studied there too. I studied primary school teaching. I’m getting very emotional right now because memories are coming up, especially now that I’m talking about school.

The decision to leave Albania was not easy, but there are certain reasons for it. I will talk about it later with my husband.

In March I’ve been in Germany, in Cologne, for three years. Cologne is very beautiful and it is a big and beautiful city and has its history. Meanwhile I would find it very sad if I could no longer be in Cologne. And here in the dormitory – you can see for yourself what it means to live here for a long time. It’s been three years I’ve been here.

I’m very proud of my daughter. She’s seven years old. I am proud that she knows both languages, Albanian and German, well. But I have problems with my son. With him you notice that he is very mixed and insecure in both languages. My son is four years old. My daughter’s in first grade.
I had difficulties with my daughter during pregnancy. And I was so proud when I went to school and the teacher was full of compliments on Angela.

How I spend my days here? That I’m busy being out as often as possible with the kids and spending as little time as possible in here. It is a house with different cultures, with many people. And although there are sometimes difficulties, I still find that in such a house with different people there is always the opportunity to learn something new. The first thing I learned was something beautiful: I came here and I couldn’t cook well. And here I had to cook and there I also looked, as others do this. And that’s a good example, something I learned quickly. Although I sometimes think I lose my patience, I think I have become more patient with the different people around me. There is nothing left but to be patient and to accept the facts.

Storyteller’s name: Anonymous
Interviewer’s name: Sarah Dudek and Violeta Peshku
Country of origin: Albania
Sex: f
Age: 30



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