Violin lessons

Abdalelah is 13 years old. He came from Syria with his family. Now, he is staying in Greece only with his mother. His older brother and two sisters are living in Germany.
He is happy that he can go to school and be with Greek students. He also participates in the music lessons of El Sistema Greece in the refugee center of Skaramagas, where he learns to play the violin.
In the future, he wants to be a doctor but also to keep going the violin lessons. Even when he will go to Germany with his family he plans to continue the music lessons and playing the violin.

Storyteller’s name: Abdalelah
Interviewer’s name: Anxhela Dani
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: M
Age: 13

Dublin Core: Language: en Subject: Greece, Syria, Homs, refugee, Asylum, A Million Stories, Germany