“I am not a small girl, I am 14 years old”

Mariam is 14 years old. She was born in Iran by Afghan parents. Below, you can read her own written story. She has learned to write and speak a little bit of English. She also goes to a Greek school near the Refugee Camp of Skaramagas, in which she stays with her parents.

“i m from afg i m 14 years old every thing i remmber abut my before is that when i was first class i was alweys alon bcz i just was from afg and every time thay kiding me even my teacher some of them was fine with me i all the time was alon and i didn say to no one the situation become harder every day when my family they decided to go camp i was really happy bcz i think i will finish from this hell but i dont knew it from this hell i have to go to the onother one i go ther with big dreams but than i undrestand it a live ther for 6 year every day was like hell for me but i never dont show it there was very danger from the night i i could not sleep every night strange sounds came and ther was so far from the city we was out of city ther i go to ruin school with crazy teacher all the day was school and play and night sleep with cray every passing day my mom going brok more even my fother and when we want go to find job they say u cant go for work if you wanna go to he city u need a paper and mony and time after that my mom and my big sis they go to city but stilthy and they start a job after that i was me with my father and another my sis every 1 months one mor time even 2 months one more time i could see my mom and my sis i was small girl and every thing was very difficold for me every time i prayed every thing will be fine but never nothng was right all of us were depressed when i was 11 years old i was really tired and i realy really didnt not live i just going thats days all finish for me i had no incentive again when we decided to come urop i didnt have any feel i was not happy not sad not scary i just say or we die or like befor or better but i really think we will die but when we come here and i see have is sooooooooo beter i fund hope untill now every thing is 2 better but i m stille in camp some tims i think im campy baby now im not a smoll girl im 14 years old and im young i did not use my childhood generally i live in camp for 8,5 years after all of this i really wanna a light future .”

Storyteller’s name: Mariam
Interviewer’s name: Anxhela Dani
Country of origin: Afghanistan
Sex: F
Age: 14

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