“I fled to be free”

Hello, my name is Reza. I come from Afghanistan.
I have written a text about freedom and I have also written the music.
I’m going to sing this song to you now.

Once I had a country, built by my ancestors sweat and blood. Once I had a house. It was not big, but it was full of love. I had food on the table. Not much, but it was enough. I learned how to love and to be loved.
They came and took everything in the name of freedom: My house, my family and all that I cherished.
All the happy memories and the feeling of belonging to a country. They told me that a good man carries the burdon with and joy and pride.
They got fat while we got thinner. They became rich while we became poor. They became loud and we became silent. When we asked them why, they got angry.
When we claimed our human rights, they beat us up, they were heartless and cold
There was no trace of humanity in them.
I ran away in order to be free and to maintain my concern for the powerless people.
I’m fighting for freedom and I believe that most people are good at heart.
I had to run, I was not afraid. They were tyrants. They wanted more than I could give.
I was not afraid, I could not keep them away. Now I don´t have a country any more.
They took everything and the things they couldn’t take I had to leave behind.
I don´t belong to those who uses others in order to get rich and build their dignity of pride and wealth.
I have no army to fight for freedom and for love. If I did I would open the borders to those who want to be free and who deserve to be free. You can live without luxury, but not without freedom, respect and love.
The little I own I share, to maintain the love, to those who are repressed and week, who suffers the cruelty of tyrants. The fight for freedom is without limits.
The tyranny is not limited to countries and borders. We fight all over the world. We are many, they are just a few. We are and must be the voices of freedom. Our voices  scare them, our voices shows the truth and reveals them. Don´t close the door, that’s what they want. Don´t do what they wish you to do.
I have a dream. The world should belong to those who deserve it.

A Million Stories Sweden: Nizar Keblawi, Nina Olsson, Sara Sarabi, Malin Gillberg, Daniel Björklund, Mats Nordström.

A Million Stories Sweden volunteers: Fariborz Ghadir, Mohamad Mohsin, Yazan Saad, Tarek Aloudallah, Dalia Saleem, Yara Ali, Ahmad Younes, Chaimae Hamri.

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