In Motala the sun rises early
Had I been a tourist here?
I would have opened my eyes
showered quickly
drank a cup of coffee
checked that I did not forget the passport,
wallet, camera and sunglasses
and quickly expired
to the city center and other touristic places
In the evening I would have returned to the room to rest for a while
change and then go to a bar
to drink me full
and then gone arm to arm with a drunk woman
and had sex with her
Then a typical day looks like a tourist
the tourist who is not me
I live here in Motala
where the sun rises early
I open and close my eyes
not because the letter just did not come to me
nor because no one ever writes to me
but just to break the monotony
in the bottomless loneliness I know
when I’m sitting in front of my window
and drink coffee and smoke
from four o’clock in the morning
because I know
that no letter is coming to me

A Million Stories Sweden: Nizar Keblawi, Nina Olsson, Sara Sarabi, Malin Gillberg, Daniel Björklund, Mats Nordström.

A Million Stories Sweden volunteers: Fariborz Ghadir, Mohamad Mohsin, Yazan Saad, Tarek Aloudallah, Dalia Saleem, Yara Ali, Ahmad Younes, Chaimae Hamri.

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